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Saskatoon is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. With a Central Market Area approaching 300,000 and growth estimates of 2.5% per year, Concierge by Carley was established to aid newcomers to our city. We assist businesses in the external onboarding of employees new to Saskatoon with customized market orientations and relocation assistance. We help new recruits to see Saskatoon as a desirable new location, and help them feel comfortable knowing they are well informed to make necessary decisions.

Relocating can be a major source of stress particularly when individuals are moving to a market they may not be familiar with. Those of us who call Saskatoon home know it is a great place to live, work and raise a family. For prospective recruits and their families; particularly those from a larger market; Saskatoon may be perceived as being 'in the middle of nowhere' or a 'small town'. A customized orientation and arrival plan, based on the specific interests and needs of the prospective employee, can go a long way in alleviating that stress.

Every move comes with both challenges and new opportunities. Our job is to be a resource, provide a comprehensive market overview and show Saskatoon as the great city it is.
I love Saskatoon!  It is a wonderful city to live and work and yet even for people who live here, there are many hidden gems.  My company assists HR professionals and recruiters who are managing the relocation of new employees to Saskatoon.    For people moving here from within... read more
I can help!  Whether you are an employer of employee, the challenges of relocation can be greatly eased by securing our concierge services.  Every move is different and I have the ability to assist in all aspects during the recruitment or relocation phase of a change in employment.... read more
For companies looking to recruit and/or relocate senior managers and executives, a concierge service can be a valuable resource.  Relocating can be a major source of stress for families, particularly when the new arrivals may not be familiar with the city.  A concierge can do much to... read more